Friday, May 20, 2011

Is this sanitary???


Addilynn has a strange fascination with her potty seat now. She has to “do self” when she goes potty, wipes, and puts her seat away. While she is putting it away she usually gets sidetracked and puts it on her head, pretends like she is puking in it, or swings it around knocking everything over in the process! puke

This was the same night as the first picture, she was pretending to puke in the potty. Unfortunately I had the flu a few weeks ago and although I tried my hardest not to puke in front of her, I didn’t succeed. She walked in on me while Dustin was at work and was horrified. So, I tried to be the brave mom and make it a funny game so she would stop her panic mode and this is what I get… a kid who likes to “puke” in the toilet! She even says, “I puke mama” in a sickly voice!

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